All aboard the Funbus!

Jason FunBus Leonard OBE

All aboard the Funbus!


Hi there, I’m Jason Leonard and with a bunch of Rugby Champions, Backs as well as Forwards, I’m a founding member of the Front Row Club. 

It’d be great to have you with us and you can join for just a tenner. Here’s why…

Firstly it’s giving you the chance to win some amazing prizes. Our first big prize includes flights and tickets to the Rugby World Cup plus beers and dinner with me in Japan.


Also, I know lots of you like a flutter and the odds on some of our prizes are pretty good. Thanks to individuals and companies donating or subsidising prizes we can offer you the chance to win things that you might not be able to afford, or is simply a “money can’t buy” experience. Check out what else we have here.


Secondly, and the main reason for it existing at all, is that the Front Row Club helps to back up the Atlas Foundation. Along with a gang of mates I set up Atlas a few years ago. We now help 21,000 of the poorest kids on earth through the power of rugby, from the shanty towns of Buenos Aires to the slums of Delhi. 

Atlas foundation Front Row Club charity


It’s pretty humbling to see how much your £10 membership can do. These kids live on nothing and with your help we feed, clothe and educate them, and give them the values and friendship of rugby. So thank you for that. You can see more here if you’re interested. The Atlas Foundation 

Finally, Atlas is a serious charity and we cant muck about too much. But the Front Row Club can be a bit more lively. It’s our virtual club house where you’ll find me and my mates propping up the bar. Find out what we’re talking about (mostly bollocks) and join in through social media.


Iced Tea Challenge

To kick off the Front Row Club someone (not me) thought it would be a laugh to get rugby players drinking pints of tea. Though I’d have to say in this regard its more of a challenge than a pint of beer. 

FRC Iced Tea Challenge


Can you help by spreading this around? It’s pretty simple, drink a pint of iced tea down in one and post it online, nominating your mates to do it too. Make sure you ask them to join the Front Row Club as part of the challenge. 


You can see me kicking things off below! 


So please join the Front Row Club today and do the challenge and help us make this a massive success. 


Cheers and thanks,  

Jase “ Funbus” Leonard.