The Atlas Foundation

Front Row Club exists purely to support The Atlas Foundation. Jason Leonard founded the charity in 2015 to help young people round the world the only way he knew how, through rugby. We give food, education and training to kids living in shanty towns and slums all across the world, from Argentina to Zimbabwe, USA to Cambodia, all while they learn our great game. This way the kids we work with learn more, they stay away from drugs and crime, and they become the next generation of young leaders.



Our biggest programme, Atlas All Schools, has seen a huge impact in every country where it is run. In Memphis it’s increased high school results by 89%. In India, it’s increased graduation rates for girls from 18% to 80%. While in Africa and Asia, young players are getting work in the fitness and security industries.


After seeing the outstanding charity work done by rugby players and the rugby family here and overseas, we knew that we wanted to find a way to add our weight to their efforts and to improve the lives of disadvantaged people across the world.

Jason Leonard OBE



We’ve got eight World Cup Winners in our ranks and plenty more high-profile international players past and present, so to say we’ve got experience is quite the understatement. The rugby champions are great – they help us find projects, help coach the kids out in their country, and join in at our fundraisers. Each and every one of them embodies what it means to be a rugby player.


What’s so great about rugby is the values of the sport. Anyone who’s stepped into a sweaty, beery clubhouse on a cold Sunday has a strong passion to give back to the game and help those less fortunate the only way we know how. Front Row Club is our way of bringing people together for this purpose. Where members already benefit hugely by helping thousands of kids around the world, it’s an added bonus that they get access to unique experiences, exclusive content and money-can’t-buy prizes.



To date The Atlas Foundation have raised £1,881,850 and helped 30,000 kids in 25 projects on four continents. On average, it costs £16 to fund a child for a year. The easiest way to support The Atlas Foundation is joining our Front Row Club!